• Definition of the core business
  • Target market analysis
  • Drafting of the business plan
  • Definition of the concept
  • Approach to the marketing and communication strategy

Our consulting service assists customers in the early stages of their business idea. Thanks to a specialised team, our company is able to carry out a first target market analysis, which is crucial when planning the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Moreover, our company supports entrepreneurs in the definition of the goals they aim to achieve with their business as well as in the planning of the strategies to be implemented. At the same time, according to the ideas that are taking shape, facilitated financing or leasing solutions are sought, and the possibility of accessing them is verified. These steps are fundamental to draft the business plan and evaluate the sustainability of the project.

Our strength is our ability to offer a complete contract service for Horeca structures and the retail market. In doing so, we position ourselves as single contact point for the customer through all the stages of the entrepreneurial project.
During this first phase, we listen and try to understand the customer’s needs, examine the developments in the sector, design a creative project and lay the foundation for the guidelines that will be implemented in the planning and development stages.

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