• Guidelines for the style and design of the concept
  • Technical planning of the spaces
  • Technical planning of the furnishing
  • Complete planning of the necessary construction works
  • Planning of the brand identity and the corporate image

The company boasts an internal technical office composed of specialists working on the evaluation and conception of the best design solutions in order to meet the structural, functional and aesthetic needs of the facility. After inspecting the facility (if any) and carrying out the first analysis, a personalised design solution is proposed by taking into consideration the specific business objectives, the location, the functionality of the premises and the available budget.

Following the customer’s approval, the project becomes ready for execution. The materials are then selected, and the furnishing is defined also through the support of renderings. At this point, our architects get in contact with all the professionals required for the realisation of the complete work (purchase of materials, construction and renovation works, machinery installation, administrative requirements and furnishing).

At this stage, a team of experts in design, graphics and communication will take care of the design and creation of the brand identity, from the logo to the corporate image (used in all media), the planning of the personnel’s clothing and the mise en place: the facility is your first and most important means of communication.

Our support in the planning and selection of the menu with our trusted chefs and barmen and our assistance in the definition of the ways whereby the service is provided will prove paramount.

The ultimate goal is having a fully-functional furnishing design optimised for the core business.

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